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Kathleen & Thomas Krane
Western Springs, IL

Mr. LaMantia,

We just wanted to say how pleased we are with our 2 bathroom remodel projects.

From initial meeting with Jackie to design & selection help of Annessa our 2 Bathrooms are beautiful.

But above all I have to send a special thanks to Chris who is an expert in his tile work – and nothing would have came together if not for our project manager – Frank Antonaci – Frank was always available & kept us informed on every step. Thanks for employing such a talented & caring man. It is a reflection on the high quality & demand for excellence all your employees here!

once again we are very pleased with our 2 New Bathrooms!


Carol DeSimone
Naperville, IL 60563

To Whom It May Concern at LaMantia Construction,

Let me begin by saying how completely delighted I am with the outcome of my new kitchen and addition. I have always loved my little home, but now I believe it is truly outstanding and is beyond my expectations by far. The attention to detail is remarkable and lovely.

I so enjoyed working with each and every one of the LaMantia staff. Beginning with Gina and Annessa who did a wonderful job with helping me to create a beautiful space for me to live and enjoy and to entertain in. Thank you both for your patience with me!

I couldn’t be happier with how Chuck diligently and professionally looked over the complete project, including outside help that I had hired. I have mentioned to Chuck that I am not comfortable having strangers in my house and will go to great lengths to avoid it. Each and every worker who entered my home and properly were pleasant and professional. I have to mention specifically Rodney who went far and beyond what would normally be required of him. I>E> noticing that I had purchased multiple air filters and changing them without being asked and changing a light bulb that had broken inside a fixture. His attention to detail was very obvious to me and very much was a part of the beautiful outcome I was hoping for. I greatly appreciate it.

It has been a pleasure working with and getting to know everyone at LaMantia and as much as I am happy to have my house back, I will miss the daily interactions of the people who almost came to feel like family. It is my hope that our paths will cross from time to time.


Dr. Richard and Janet Skoda
Hinsdale, IL

Dear Tony,

I am suure you always hear the complaints, but not the compliments. Well, this letter is full of compliments for your exquisite staff, both inside and outside your offices. As you may remember, you remodeled our kitchen in 2007 and have just recently completed remodeling our master bathroom.

The hat with many crowns goes to Gina, who was the contact person who made us keep coming back. Every Christmas, Gina sent us a card with a note. On the few, rare, occasions, where we needed an item from 2007 adjusted, Gina was on it. Gina is the face of your business, which brought us back for more. We again enjoyed working with Katie on picking out styles. She too is wonderful.

We enjoyed working with Doug as foreman last time and though that Chuck wouldn’t be another “Doug.” He was and more. (By the way, he tells me that you make great breakfasts.) He was very accommodating and the few minor glitches, he made them seem that there were never glitches at all.

As for your workers, we love Alex and his crew. As well as his brothers George and Rudy, who did our electrical work in the kitchen. They are all first rate. Your hardwood floor man, Duran was very accommodating and professional with his work. Rudy did a great job on hanging our French doors perfectly and getting the big bay window in. Jay was back with us plumbing and Mike was most competent and professional.

Now to take anything away from the other works, I have a special fondness for Reggie from Driser Electric and Andy, the carpenter (really he is much more than that.) They are both magicians. Truly magicians. Reggie was by today to solve a very complicated electrical problem. He diagnosed it and fixed it within 30 minutes. Amazing!

A story I should share about Andy. I wanted extra crown molding put into the old living room. Chuck noted that there would be patching needed after removing the old, which would be extra. I understood Chuck to tell Andy, “Make sure you give me your extra hours and will do a change order.” Well, on the last day, I asked Andy if he had turned his hours into Chuck. Andy softly said, “No, Chuck said you were to pay me directly.” I asked Andy, “If I didn’t remind you about the money I owed you, would you have told me that I owed you money?” Andy responded, “Maybe yes, maybe no.” Of course, we all know what that answer meant.

On a positive note, the Hinsdale inspector asked me what I thought of LaMantia. f course, I raved. He said, “That’s what I always hear. Just checking to see if anythings changed.”

So Tony, in the future, when you will get a complaint about any of these individuals, and you will, remember, for every complaint there are at least ten people who never bother to give the compliment.

Please share this letter with any and all of the mentioned persons or use it for your promotional purposes, if you like. Please place my name on your list for references or in any other way that I can help promote your firm.. Stay well.

Willow Springs, IL

Jim and Annessa,

It was great meeting with both of you last Wednesday. Having all the colors and cabinet samples in front of us surely is a plus when putting together all of the pieces of the puzzle. We both appreciate the extra effort especially the re-slection of tile which we all know was caused by (unknown to any of us) the inferior quality of the first selection. The samples looked great but the real deal was garbage. Thanks for much for rejecting those items and spending the additional time to re-create what we desired. I know it’s a bit of a pain to do things twice but it didn’t bother you or Annessa one bit… great job.

Marsha and I were discussing the situation as well as the design and coordination of colors and textures. Jim, I know this isn’t your first rodeo but we felt like we were your first client. Your desire to create is very apparent no matter how large or small the job. Annessa you are a real plus to the organization as well as a great customer advocate. Your personality, attention to detail and ability to coordinate color and texture is phenomenal. You were to design and create in a way we would have never though about going. I guess we get stuck in a rut and you have vision.

If i had to sum it up; most people in your profession are painters very few artists and that is the difference that you and Annessa bring to the table.

Lisle, IL

LaMantia –

Thanks for turning our a lovely kitchen for us! We are very pleased with the help from everyone at LaMantia

Lisle, IL

Dear Mr. LaMantia,

Enclosed are copies of letter we have written to members of your staff. We believe people need to receive compliments when they are earned.

LaMantia should be proud to have Gail, Frank, Andy and Katie work for them.

I have sent emails to Katie telling her that our new spaces look beautiful with the finishing touches she assist me to select.

Nancy & Jack Kososki
Downers Grove, IL

Dear Tony,

Nancy and I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the way our addition to our home turned out. The quality of workmanship was superior. The people I worked with were all first class and very knowledgeable.

Gail Lowry is an excellent architect. She came up with a design for my vision of the addition on the first try. In addition to her design expertise she made many suggestions about Decor and ADA guidelines. She is very knowledgable in both. Most of all she is a very warm and caring person and easy to work with.

Chuck Hudson is by far the best project manager I’ve worked with. I’ve built 3 homes and have done 3 or 4 additions and this one was trouble free. Chuck met all timelines that he gave me which is rare in your industry. His subs were all excellent craftsman and enjoyed doing their work and took pride in it. Chuck himself was easy to work with actually fun to work with. He always had an answer to my question and went overboard with attention to detail of the work.

Lana Galloway was very helpful in picking out decor. I appreciated the time she and Gail spent with me at the supplier picking out the right fixtures etc. She has a great eye for decor. All in all your people made this a great experience for us. Hang on to them.

Kim and Steve Dlugo
Downers Grove, IL

Dear LaMantia,

“We are in love with our new kitchen!!!”

We say it every day. It’s true. It could not be any more perfect. From the design to the materials to the ease of construction, it is easy to look at our kitchen with great appreciation to the entire LaMantia organization. We just wanted to express this to the staff and to thank all of you for your hard work and dedication to our project.

Everyone (specifically Jackie, Katie & Chuck) was so patient with us and our millions of concerns and questions. Their patience helped us alleviate any nervous feelings we had. As well as helped us make choices in challenging design decisions. We appreciated that everyone was very honest and direct with their advice. All of these things helped us have a final product that feels warm, inviting and has become our favorite part of the house.

With an excellent team of people, it was never a concern about having strangers working in our home when were not present. We always felt comfortable and well informed of what was going on. The project ran very smoothly and fell within the estimated amount of time. The value exceeded what the project cost us.

So now that the dust has settled, the kitchen has been moved in and lived in, and our life has returned to normal, it is easy to look back at the process with great appreciation. A kitchen remodeling is a complicated thing we have learned, and it upends your life for a bit of time. However we could not imagine a better experience from beginning to end than working with Jackie, Katie and Chuck at LaMantia. The team truly cared about the project as much as we did and it shows in the final product. We miss you guys. Thank you so much!

Richard Nicholus
Park Ridge, IL

Dear Mr. Gacek,

On November 2 the city of park ridge just finished its final inspection of the deck construction, door replacement, and porch renovation which was completed by your company. I wanted to communicate to you that I am very happy with the construction and all of the work that LaMantia did for me.

I want in particular to point out that I found Mike Ryzner wonderful to work with. He was very professional, very knowledgeable about all aspects of the project, and easy to talk to right from the very beginning. He explained to me various aspects of the project with patience and clarity, promptly returned all of my phone calls and emails, and he made sure that he took care of all of the “devils in the details.” It was great working with him.

I also wish to point out that the two carpenters John and Paul were also wonderful to work with. They were on time every day, did excellent carpentry, cleaned up at the end of each day, and did an overall very thorough job. They were so quiet that I hardly knew they were here. Also, Irek, who stained and spar varnished my outer basement door did an excellent job and was easy to talk to.

Finally, Jim campbell initially helped us to envision what we wanted, and then drew up excellent plans for the final deck construction. His help in the initial stages of design gave clear direction to very attractive finished project. My neighbors have told me how attractive and good looking our deck is.

I wish that you would communicate to these gentlemen and to Mr. LaMantia my positive remarks above and my gratitude for a job well done. I came to your company through the recommendation of my brother, Ray Nicholus, who lives just a few blocks away from me here in Park Ridge. He had all his siding replaced, roof reshingled, and some electrical work done by your company. Since what I saw was excellent work, I chose LaMantia for my construction.

I will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone looking for a professional, honest construction company that does very good work.

Thank you for a job well done.

Ray Nicholus
Park Ridge, IL

Tony, we just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the work done on our home in Park Ridge. Jim Campbell was extremely helpful throughout the process and gave us some great ideas. The crew that removed our old siding was very efficient and cleaned up great each day. Mike did a great job overseeing the process and was very responsive to phone calls as was Jim. Paul and his crew that did the roof and the siding were terrific. They were very detail oriented and the final result was great. We are very glad we selected LaMantia to do the work. We would recommend your company to anyone. In fact we did and my brother is having his porches rebuilt by LaMantia.

You did our siding in the late 1970’s and were very pleased with the job you did then which was a major factor in selecting your company this time.


Dear Mr LaMantia,

My bathroom makeover was my first attempt into remodeling. I went to several showrooms and attended workshops on the subject. I chose LaMantia and have been happy with my decision ever since. The end result was more than I could haev imagined. Your staff of Jackie Prazak, Lana Galloway and Frank Antonaci walked me through the process step by step. They were always available to reassure and answer questions. They, along with all the craftsmen, were respectful of my home and were true artists at what they did. Although I have thanked them individually, I would like you to know what remarkable people you have in your company. It is hard to find this quality of work and this type of customer service. Any remodeling that I would do in the future, would be done by LaMantia.

Please pass this along to your staff. You have truly chosen a unique group of people.

Brookfield, IL

It was a pleasure dealing with your company for the second time. Everyone we came in contact with, Gina, Katie, and especially Frank, was extremely competent, professional, and accomodating in their attention to our small project. We love our new bathroom, and will certainly turn to LaMantia for any future construction needs.

Kay and Tom

Dear Tony and Mike,

We had an excellent experience renovating our kitchen and replacing our bedroom floor, thanks to the attitudes and work of Gina, Lana and Chuck.

Gina was professional and kept all the paperwork on track. Chuck did an excellent job of keeping in touch, even though we saw him in person only twice during the project.

We want to single out Lana because she was terrific. She walked us through decisions on flooring, countertops, sinks, backsplash and paint. She drove Kay down to the granite facility and saved us money there. But don’t worry, Tony, she encouraged us to spend more on lighting, so we spent over our allowances. She then met Kay at the tile store and drove to another one when she dodn’t like the choices. She gently steered us away from a poor sink decision, and then steered us to a paint color that was beyond our original comfort level – and it turned out great.

After two other projects with LaMantia over the last 27 years, we expected we would get personal service and would work through any surprises. We weren’t disappointed.

So, thanks and Merry Christmas.


Dear Gentlemen,

With 2011 coming to a close and the completion of our remodeling project, we wanted to take this oppourtunity to thank you and everyone else involved in our project. What we appreciated the most was the fact that your company is a very personable family run business. We felt like we were part of a family and the attention given to us and our project needs was truly appreciated. We were not simply a number or a dollar sign to you. You and your staff showed genuine caring and concern to make sure everything was accomplished according to the plans with no corners being cut. The quality of the workmanship was superb and all of the workers took pride in their work just as if they were working on their own home.

As a Judge in the Circuit Court of Cook County, I must pay particular attention to detail, planning, vision, experience, research and making sure everything is done correctly, so that a just result is obtained. I was pleased to see that you run your company in the same manner.

We want to specifically mention what a pleasure it was to deal with Jim Campbell, Mike Ryzner, Katie Suva and Mike Gacek. You are lucky to have such wonderful and dedicated people who made our project run very smoothly. Jim Campbell stayed with us throughout the project. He is very knowledgeable and he answered all of our questions. He helped us pick out granite and stone and spent time with us. He gave us ideas and made great suggestions in our overall plan. We became friends.

Mike Ryzner was equally as great. As our construction supervisor he was fantastic. He made the process run smoothly and tried to make sure we were comfortable while construction was ongoing. He made sure everything was done correctly and personally pitched in with the work. His knowledge and experience is invaluable. We became friends as well.

Katie Suva helped us with the cabinet design as well as colors for the siding, indoor paint and hardware. She is very friendly and personable. She came out personally to view our project and make suggestions. Mike Gacek was the first person we met and got the ball rolling. As a supervisor he made proper decisions and treated us fairly. He took an interest in our project and came to our house as well.

All of these wonderful people treated us like family and were concerned about our happiness and attention to detail. They spent a lot of time with us and we appreciate it! We are extremely happy with the final result and want to thank you for running such a great family oriented company that puts their customers first. We were so happy with your work, we recommended you to our neighbors and they have contracted with you as well. All the best to you in 2012!

Dave and Sue V.
La Grange Park, IL

Dear Tony:

Our fifth construction project by LaMantia Construction was recently completed and we couldn’t be happier with the finished product and all of those involved with the job: a remodel of our kitchen/family room and adjacent bath. All of the workers who entered our house were both competent and courteous. Each and every one of them was willing to offer information as well as answer questions. Dawn and I would talk on a daily basis about how the workers were genuinely nice people to have in the house. We never had any concerns about our house being open to all who entered. Darius from POLTECH and Dane from Dane Heating were on the job again and did fine work as in the past. We have to take a moment to mention Andy an individual who seemingly can do anything and do it well. It was a pleasure having him do almost all of the interior work.

In the initial planning stages we had some questions/concerns about the extent of the remodel as well as the cost. Mike provided a very detailed cost breakdown on each of the options we were considering. This enabled us to make an informed decision regarding how to proceed with the project. We very much appreciated the effort he took to inform us and help us better understand the costs involved.

We spent considerable time with Lana Galloway who served both as our salesperson and our design expert. What a wonderful, patient and helpful professional. Lana was involved in our last addition which involved adding a bathroom to a master bedroom suite. This remodel was much more extensive and Lana was indispensable. She is knowledgeable, efficient and incredibly patient. All of the drawings were carefully explained and revised as we progressed through the project. She presented us with many options for all of the items we needed to select and posed questions as well as provided ideas regarding matters to which we quite frankly had given little thought. Her attention to detail and organization skills were obvious. She kept a voluminous notebook on the project and was able to access any detail regarding the project at a moment’s notice.

Once again Frank Antonaci served as the Project Manager. We couldn’t have been more pleased with having Frank in charge of the project. His competence, expertise, attention to detail, and incredible efforts to “satisfy the customer” were exemplary. Frank was on site almost on a daily basis, involving us in all facets of the work and keeping us informed of what would be happening in the near future. I cannot imagine having a better person on the job than Frank. Frank has the ability to foresee questions/concerns the homeowner might have and deal with them in a professional, patient and thorough manner. He didn’t miss a thing. What a pro.

We didn’t even consider going with another company to do this work. We continue to be thoroughly satisfied by LaMantia Design and Construction. Thanks to you for hiring such fine individuals. Without question, we enthusiastically and unreservedly recommend LaMantia as the company to go to for building needs.

Tricia Jette
Lake Forest, IL


I just wanted to write a quick note on a recent experience we had with your company and Michael Ryzner. About 3 years ago, your company completed an extensive renovation/addition to our house on which Rich Hoffman was the architect and Mike Ryzner was the lead project manager. We had an amazing experience with your company and could not have been happier with the end result. People are always surprised when I tell them that our renovation/construction went very smoothly and we were able to work out any items with you guys that we had the slightest discomfort or dislike.

Most recently, last month, our hot water heater spring a leak. A repair man told us we needed a new tank, and considering this one was the one you had installed three years ago, I called you guys right away. It was Friday about 3 o’clock. Your receptionist put me in touch with Mike who called me back right away. Realizing the tank was still within the warranty time frame, he told me he was going to send a plumber there. After looking at the tank they quickly determined we needed a new tank and Mike rushed out to get a new one for us before they closed at 5pm, knowing that if he couldn’t get there in time, my family would not have hot water all weekend.

In the midst of all of Mike’s work, my middle son came running in with a gash from a hockey stick to his head and was in need of an emergency room and stitches. Mike took care of everything and got us a new hot water heater in our and installed, letting me take care of my son’s stitches. In addition to all of this craziness, our dog got out of the house without us realizing and just when Mike was finishing up, I told him I was taking the kids to go search for the dog. Mike stayed until the job was completed, and then was so amazingly kind to get in his own car and help me search for the dog. All of the work was done by 6:00PM on a Friday night… we had hot water all weekend, my son’s gash was taken care of, and the dog found.

That is a great tale of amazing service from your company and Mike Ryzner specifically. He has always been one to give great respect to our family while working in our house, and always made sure that all the work was completed in high attention to detail and beyond our satisfaction.

I continue to highly recommend your company and if any other of your employees are as diligent and loyal as Michael, you should be highly successful in your client satisfaction.

Mark D. V.
Skokie, IL

Dear Tony:

I am writing to let you know Kim and I are very pleased with the addition of our home. The workmanship of your firm was outstanding. I especially appreciated your personal involvement when required. We originally chose La Mantia based on your excellent reputation and because the references we checked were very favorable. We clearly made a good decision.

Please convey our appreciation to Don Witt and others involved on the project. Thanks again.

John and Mary Lee L.
Palos Heights, IL

This letter is to express our thanks and appreciation to your company for the recent home remodeling job that your company did on our home. When we first contacted LaMantia, we met Ms. Linda Rackas who worked with us on the initial plans for our home and was our contact throughout the job. She did a wonderful job on the initial plans, offering suggestions and ideas that eventually became part of the final plans. When we weren’t sure how to visualize the finished roof line and loft, she took the time to show us different views and explained the job to us. We were not familiar with the Hardie Board cement siding that recommended and after research decided that this would work well for our home. Linda has ideas and suggestions throughout the job on our home and we are very satisfied with the completed project that included changing the roof line, roofing, siding and a remodeled entry into a loft area on the second floor. Linda’s professionalism and creative ideas were what led us to go with your company and we wanted to recognize her effort to you. We would not hesitate to recommend LaMantia and our neighbors have complemented us on the finished job. Thanks again!

Marcia and Andy R.
Lake Forest, IL

Dear Mr. LaMantia,

Now that the “dust has settled” and the tools and ladders are gone, we would like to express our satisfaction with the design and completion of our remodeling project. Although it took a lot longer than we initially envisioned, we knew that LaMantia considered this a work in progress. As you know, we lived in our home during this large project. Your teams’ flexibility and cooperation was a huge help. We had many ideas come to mind as the construction proceeded and the team was always willing to amend the original design. The biggest alteration was our desire to finish a third floor area as opposed to leaving it as an unfinished storage area. That decision was due to Rich Hoffman’s creative use of windows that created a spectacular view on three sides. We dreamed of sitting in the space and enjoying a beautiful sunrise or admiring the snow covered treetops in winter. Another considerable alteration in the design was a cathedral ceiling for a new bedroom, which provides an illusion of more space and a beautiful view of our back yard. Finally, we did not like a porch across the front of the house so Rich designed an interesting Georgian arch to frame our front door.

We were very impressed with Rich Hoffman. He is a very intuitive designer. He took our existing home and used certain architectural elements to create new spaces that feel just like they are part of the original home. Because of his attention to every aspect of the architecture, he was not afraid to level with us on some of our ideas that were not consistent with the overall design of the house. He was a pleasure to work with.

Mike Ryzner was a complete professional. The phrase that still comes to mind – “whatever you want…we work for you!” He followed through consistently and managed his team and subcontractors with a firm hand and a sense of humor as well. Our family could set our watches by Greg Bird. Each morning we would see him in his truck waiting for the appropriate time to enter our garage. His carpentry work is sheer perfection. We can honestly say that we miss making those pots of coffee for Greg, and for others as well.

You have an excellent team who did outstanding work for us. We definitely will use your company for any future project and will highly recommend LaMantia to our friends and your potential customers. Job well done!

Mary Ann R.

Dear Tony,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for a superior job on our kitchen remodel! As an Account Manager for a major insurance company, I can appreciate LaMantia’s commitment to outstanding service and craftsmanship.

This is our second experience with LaMantia Design & Construction. Five year ago we completed a major addition and second story remodel. Although any renovation can be stressful, the outcome out weighed the stress one hundred fold.

Althought all the contractors were professional, courteous, and masters in their craft, I must really take my hat off to Frank Antonocci. He made the project appear seamless. His attention to detail is amazing. He was always available when I needed him and more so, he is PROACTIVE! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate his work ethic. He is someone that I like doing business with.

Thank you again for a job well done!

Dan and Lynn O.
Lake Forest, IL

Dear Tony,

While we have not met, we feel that we know a bit about you given the terrific team of associates you have working with you. As the dust has settled and the house renovation has been completed we wanted to drop you a note of appreciated and recognition of those who made it a reality. In particular we’d like to thank Richard Hoffman and Mike Ryzner for all they did in making the project a success.

We embarked on this project about two years ago. In the process we met with and evaluated a number of contractors (nine). From the outset we were more comfortable with and had confidence in Richard Hoffman. We can say without hesitation that we made the right decision. His wonderful design and guidance throughout the project, along with the able support of Katie, have been exemplary. The knowledge and talent of both Richard and Katie, and their attention to detail during the selection process, are greatly appreciated. All of their hard work set the stage for an amazing end product. We also know that there are those in the office work work behind the scenes, all of whom are dedicated to doing their best.

Once construction began, we were in excellent hands with Mike Ryzner and his team. We could have no asked for a better person than Mike to run the project. He combined experience and know-how with courtesy, patience, high standards and a work ethic seldom seen in this day and age. We were never in doubt that he wanted the best possible outcome on the project and he did all that he could to make it happen. With a host of hard-working tradesmen and sub-contractors who were attentive, neat, talented, respectful and professional, under Mike’s guidance, the plan became a reality. Altogether a great team!

Like any project, we had a few “hiccups” along the way, all of which have been dealt with in the LaMantia way. As promised, your organization has fulfilled its commitment to customer satisfaction; it is greatly appreciated.

We recently had our first party in the “new” house. You would have been justifiably proud had you ben here to witness all the “oohs” and “ahs” of our family. The most frequent question/comment was and is “Who did the work? They did an amazing job.”

It is rare indeed, in our time, that the actual product and level of service lives up to and even exceeds what was expected. We want you to know of our satisfaction with the process and to point out the professionalism, the level of expertise and the dedication of Richard, Mike and the whole team during the entire project.

Best wishes and Marry Christmas to you and your entire LaMantia team!

Rick N.
Oak Park, IL


The 8th will be perfect. Chuck set that for the final inspection, I’ll be home all day and Lynn might be as well. I hope you take many pictures. We’re both thrilled at how this project turned out.

We thank all of you- It would not have turned out this well without the ideas of yours. Andy’s window bump out idea was brilliant! Katie’s input was indispensable. You all have great taste!

Chuck and all of the crews made this a pleasure (or as much of a pleasure that this type of undertaking can be.) The way that Yanish and Mike came out during that terrible storm will be remembered always. The craftsmanship is amazing. And I can’t say enough about Andy’s trim carpentry. That man is an artist. You should be proud of your staff. I know I’m bragging about them to anyone that will listen.

Again, thanks and have a happy Thanksgiving.

Tony and Peri G.
Geneva, IL

Dear Andy,

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the work done on our house. As you know, this was a complex project involving numberous subs having to work together to create the finished product. Each and every one of them was great to work with; professional, courteous and friendly.

We were especially impressed with the carpenters, Mike Ryzner and Greg. As there hasn’t been a single season that’s gone by in the four years we’ve lived here that there wasn’t a remodeling project of some sort or another gong on, we feel we’re particularly qualified to say that they were the hardest working and talented crew we’ve come across.

Finally, as project manager, Doug Capocci, was a joy to work with. He was always on top of things, responsive to any and all questions and stayed in touch with us right to the very end. While, like most remodeling projects, this one wasn’t without surprises, most of them were pleasant because of your wonderful staff. If we can ever be of help to you as a referral, please don’t hesitate to ask.

When we get them, we’ll send some before and after pictures of our house. We think you’ll agree, the results are even better than we had hoped for. Thanks again for a job well done!

Anthony and Arlene V.
Darien, IL
Dear Mr. LaMantia:

We are writing this letter to let you know that we are extremely happy with the services provided by your company. Frank Antonaci has been wonderful. He is very helpful, and he is true to his word. When he says that somebody is going to be here at a certain time, they arrive right at the appointed time. Rich, our designer, had been wonderful as well.

We cannot express just how pleased we are with the work in progress. We couldn’t have asked for a smoother experience. Everybody who has contributed to our project demands the highest praise. This letter is only a small token of the thanks we can give your company, but you can be sure that we will suggest LaMantia Construction to others who are seeking similar services. Thanks again.

Donald G. Z.
Western Springs, IL

Dear Tony:

Seldom, do I take the time to thank people for their efforts. I am a perfectionist at heart and most efforts do not measure up to my standards. I want to, however, bring to your attention the superb work your staff has done in completing the kitchen and dining room remodeling for our home.

Lawrence Galassi developed, designed and met our needs required in the remodeling. Larry worked countless hours to ensure the success of the project. His knowledge, sales approach, and genuine concern for our needs convinced us your company was the right choice. In my opinion Larry is a professional who represents your organization very well.

Frank Donatelio, managed the project and met all the commitments the remodeling required. He diligently returned every phone call and coordinated the various trades with precision. Frank treated our project as if it was the most important job he was managing. When you have a person such as Frank controlling the remodeling efforts, it reassures you that LaMantia was the right contractors for the job.

Finally, I would also like to thank you for all you have done for us and your tradesmen who were always kind and courteous. Our kitchen, dining room and living room is truly a show place thanks to your company’s efforts. The money spent on the project was a small investment in relation to the results. That is a testimonial to our satisfaction. Thank you for everything.

Nancy P.
Stickney, IL

Tonly LaMantia,

I would like to complement two of your employees. This is the third project I have had the pleasure of working with Don Witt and the second remodeling have had John Burns as the project manager.

I feel they are very competent employees. They always answered my questions and explained things in a way that I could understand. They returned any phone calls in a timely manner. They came to appointments on time. Their attention to detail was remarkable. Since I worked more with John as the projects progressed, I was very impressed with his dedication to doing the job and doing it correctly.

I wish I had more projects around my house so that I could use your company again. However, I think I have exhausted things to remodel. I will definitely recommend your company and Don and John specifically to friends and family. Keep doing the great job you are already doing.

Linda S.
Hinsdale, IL

Dear Lana,

I want to thank you for all you have done for me to make my remodeling project such as success. I have been telling everyone that I gave birth faster than I completed my selection process. You have been so incredibly kind and patient throughout this undertaking!

I love your enthusiasm, wisdom, passion and appreciated your brutal honesty when it was needed. You were such a pleasure to work with – I love hearing your gigle during our planning sessions and funny comments exchanged during our daily email (the large insect on the screened-in porch  and the League of Nations in Lauren’s bedrooms.)

Thank you also for the personal service in dropping off materials at my house. You were so accommodating to my schedule!

Your attention to detail and organization skills are amazing. I learned a lot from you and plan to incorporate those traits into my daily activities.

You have such talent, and I truly appreciate everything you have done, and know that I will think of you often as I am appreciating my beautiful home.

The bathrooms are absolutely gorgeous and I am so happy with how they turned out. Each agonizing decision worked out beautifully with your guidance and advice.

Should you ever need a recommendation, I am your number-one fan and would be happy to talk to any homeowner who in considering your services.

Thank you so much Lana. I really enjoyed working with you and may have to think of another project so I can continue our daily communication.

Stuart & Marlene H.
Burr Ridge, IL
Dear Rick,

It is my pleasure to write and acknowledge our complete satisfaction with the two major projects you carried out concurrently at the above address.

Marlene and I are extremely pleased with the final outcomes and the remodeling has received the highest of praise from all who have seen it.

You deserve much credit for your conceptual designs and completely changing the look of our house. Thanks for your assistance throughout the projects and always being a calming influence when Marlene was stressing!!

From the moment we walked in your showroom, some nine months ago through to the completion we have been really impressed by the attention we have received, the response to problems (some of our own making – the kitchen lights!!) and the courtesy and cleanlieness shown by every contractor or sub contractor.

In particular we would like to acknowledge the roles of Frank Antonaci, Ralph and his sons for whom nothing seemed to be too much trouble, indeed Frank’s attention to detail was beyond our expectation(s) and he is certainly a great asset to your organization.

We would like to see the before and after pictures that you took, I think Marlene want me never to forget just how “old fashioned” the two rooms looked prior to the work!!

LaMantia can feel free to use Marlene & I as references should you so choose and if we have remodeling needs in the future we’ll be sure to call you first.

Last but not least you will find enclosed a check as payment for the final balance.

Liz & Terry M.
Palos Park, IL

Dear Tony,

As we sit in our room LaMantia recently built for us, we wanted you to know that we couldn’t be more pleased with the finished product. Our home is a 110 year old Victorian and since the first time we met Jim your company stood out from the competition as Jim took the time to understand our vision for the extension and our desire to have it fit the historic period of our house. His creativity and attention to detail truly made a difference. We knew we would be in good hands.

Both Jim and Katie were extremely patient with us as the room evolved and accommodated all our changes including our addition of the fireplace. The various drawings they provided made it easier for us to visualize things and make final changes. Katie also facilitated our selection of the right tile and mantel for the room.

It was also a pleasure to work with Frank as he was professional, knowledgeable, and followed through on insuring our project was completed timely and as planned including the changes we requested along the way. He coordinated all the teams coming and going in a manner that fit our schedule and was sensitive to meeting our personal needs especially when my husband had to undergo surgery.

From Janesh and his team to the HVAC contractors, the electricians, drywallers, concrete pourers, roofers, and cleanup crew we were very pleased with all of their finished product and the neat manner in which they left the job site each day.

Guido surely did an outstanding job matching our unique esting trim and Andy did an excellent job with the installation of the trim, mantel, tile, and so many other finishing touches. As we look at the finished product, we feel fortunate t have had Andy as he is a true Master Craftsman!

We would also like to thank you personally as when unforeseen issues arose which required additional work, you were more than fair with what you charged us. We wanted you to know that we truly appreciate LaMantia sharing in some of the unforeseen costs.

You truly run a first class Company and we look forward to working together on our next project with you.

Jill S.
Skokie, IL

Dear Mr. LaMantia,

I am writing to let you that we are very pleased with the home addition that we have just completed. We believe that there was a strong effort to not only do quality work but to minimize the inconvenience associated with construction. We started out with some problems related to the weather but they were all resolved as promised.

Rich Hoffman did a great job on the design. It fits well with the house and the neighborhood. We have had total strangers stop and comment about how much they like our house. I also felt that Rich was helpful in making design choices. I counted on him to give me an honest opinion if something really didn’t work. As a result, it all looks great.

Mike Ryzner worked very hard to make sure that things went smoothly. He was not afraid to get in there himself and help. For example, he helped Greg build the steps on Saturday of Labor Day weekend. Everyone that entered our house was polite and respectful. Mike made sure that the job site was kept as clean as possible. One example was that at the end of the job we had just gotten new carpet. When the plumbers arrived I asked them to remove their shoes. They told me that Mike had already let them know that they needed to do this. Mike was also helpful in making suggestions about grout color and doorknobs etc. It was also nice to know that if I had a question or concern, Mike was available by cell phone. I didn’t have to spend the day playing telephone tag.

Another persona I would like to mention is Greg the carpenter. Greg did a beautiful job on all the trim work. He also built the steps and various other parts of the addition. He not only did a great job but would ask about our preferences for edges and shelf heights etc.

In general, we felt that everyone involved worked to do the best job possible and that we are happy with the results.

Kathy J.
Deerfield, IL

Mike – I can’t thank you enough for all your help today. John boarded up the window, which makes me feel much safer (and warmer should we finally get snow). Rich got me the price quote, so we are all set.

You really take care of your customers, even when their problems are caused by other people. I can’t believe how quickly you and everyone on your team responded to my cry for help!

I look forward to hearing from you when the window comes in.

Thanks again for everything –