Kitchen Remodeling La Grange, IL

These homeowners in La Grange, IL knew an update was overdue for their kitchen.  Although the general layout worked well for them, a few minor adjustments have really maximized the efficiency

Kitchen Remodeling La Grange
Kitchen Remodeling La Grange

of the space.  In their previous kitchen, they had to contend with the table and chairs and walk across the room just to get something from the refrigerator.  By moving it to the same wall with the cook top and sink, a cook can be working in the kitchen and not be interrupted by someone who is eating at the table or passing through the room.  The addition of an island also created more storage and provided a space to put the microwave, which freed up the area to the left of the sink for an appliance garage.  Since the island seats four, there is still ample space for someone to visit with the cook, work on their laptop or even for their family of four to sit down to enjoy a meal together.

Kitchen Remodeling La Grange
Kitchen Remodeling La Grange

Since the kitchen is the hub of the activity when they have family and friends over, as well as one of the first places they go in the morning, they wanted it to be elegant, yet peaceful, in the finishes we chose.  We kept the colors more monochromatic and soothing, while providing plenty of lighting, both within the ceiling and underneath the cabinets.

The new kitchen is a welcoming space for the family and all of their guests.  It is have even stirred up a long forgotten interest in cooking for the homeowner.

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