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The area which is now Burr Ridge was once home to the Sioux, Potawatomi, Ottawa and Chippewa Indians. After an 1835 treaty, most of the Indians were relocated west of the Mississippi and, with time, the land was divided into five acre tracts and sold for farming.

In 1956, in the garage of a residence on Drew Avenue, 143 residents of the area cast votes on the question of incorporation. Two days later, with the votes tallied, the incorporation of the Village of Harvester was confirmed. At the time there were approximately 75 homes and a population of less than 300. The name Harvester was chosen as a nod to the International Harvester Company which had, for many years, owned 414 acres, of what was to become the Village of Harvester, and run a research facility.

In August 1962, after many annexations, the name of the community was changed to Burr Ridge. One area that had been annexed had been referred to as “burr ridge” due to the proliferation of burr oak trees. The burr oak leaf became the Village emblem and the unofficial slogan of the village became “A Very Special Place”.

In 1984 Burr Ridge became the first community in DuPage County to provide Lake Michigan water to all its customers and which would, by 1997, become known as one of the 300 wealthiest communities in America. With the goal of preserving the hallmark woodlands, ponds and wetlands, while permitting orderly and balanced low-density growth, the Village fathers, in the years after incorporation, monitored the transformation of large tracts of open farmland and woodlands. Today, Burr Ridge is generally bounded by Wolf Road, 55th Street, Madison Street and 97th Street. Ideally situated at the intersections of the Tri-State Tollway and the Stevenson Expressway, Burr Ridge offers easy access to Chicago’s Loop and both Chicago airports.

The burr oak trees still exist in Burr Ridge, along with fine homes on generous lots. The well-balanced mix of the business and residential communities has allowed Burr Ridge to maintain a healthy corporate fund and one of the lowest tax rates in DuPage County.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Burr Ridge

Stuart & Marlene H. – 8-26-2006 – Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Burr Ridge, IL

It is my pleasure to write and acknowledge our complete satisfaction with the two major projects you carried out concurrently at the above address.

Marlene and I are extremely pleased with the final outcomes and the remodeling has received the highest of praise from all who have seen it.

You deserve much credit for your conceptual designs and completely changing the look of our house. Thanks for your assistance throughout the projects and always being a calming influence when Marlene was stressing!!

From the moment we walked in your showroom, some nine months ago through to the completion we have been really impressed by the attention we have received, the response to problems (some of our own making – the kitchen lights!!) and the courtesy and cleanlieness shown by every contractor or sub contractor.

In particular we would like to acknowledge the roles of Frank Antonaci, Ralph and his sons for whom nothing seemed to be too much trouble, indeed Frank’s attention to detail was beyond our expectation(s) and he is certainly a great asset to your organization.

We would like to see the before and after pictures that you took, I think Marlene want me never to forget just how “old fashioned” the two rooms looked prior to the work!!

LaMantia can feel free to use Marlene & I as references should you so choose and if we have remodeling needs in the future we’ll be sure to call you first.

Last but not least you will find enclosed a check as payment for the final balance.

Room Addition Burr Ridge

(Name Withheld) – 6-22-2012 – Room Addition in Burr Ridge, IL

The area where I was most satisfied with LaMantia Design and Construction was I liked the people themselves. They were friendly and nice. I felt comfortable with them in my house.