Bakerstone Pizza Oven Box


Fresh Mozzarella And Tomato Pizza With Basil

Makes 4 Pizzas


I n g r e d i e n t s

4 Par-Cooked Pizza Crusts

1 Pound Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, Drained, Sliced

1 Zucchini, Thinly Sliced

6 Roma Tomatoes, Cut In Half, Seeded And Diced

1/2 Cup Grated Fresh Parmesan Cheese

2 Cloves Garlic, Minced

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Kosher Salt

Freshly Ground Black Pepper

1 Teaspoon Dried Oregano

3/4 Cup Thinly Sliced Fresh Basil Leaves


P r e p a r a t i o n M e t h o d

Position Bakestone Rack And Bakestone In Wolf Oven In Rack Position 1 (Lowest Position). Preheat Oven In BAKESTONE

At 500°F (260°C). Allow About 35 Minutes For Oven To Preheat. Lay Pizza Crusts On Countertop. Divide Mozzarella And

Zucchini Slices Evenly Between All Crusts. Sprinkle Each Pizza With Diced Tomatoes, Parmesan Cheese, Garlic, Olive Oil,

Salt, Pepper And Oregano. One At A Time, Place Pizza On Bakestone With Peel. Bake 6 To 7 Minutes Or Until Edges Of

Crust Are Deep Brown. Repeat With Remaining Pizzas. Sprinkle Fresh Basil Over Each Pizza Just Before Serving.

*If Baking Crusts From Frozen Crusts, Partially Defrost Crust, Top As Above And Bake About 9 Minutes Or Until Cheese Is

Browned. If Baking Crusts From Refrigerated, Top As Above And Bake 7 To 8 Minutes Or Until Cheese Is Browned.

*If Fresh Pizza Dough Is Used Instead Of Par-Cooked Crusts, Top With Above Toppings And Bake As Above For 8 To 9

Minutes Or Until Cheese Is Browned.

Hiring a NKBA Certified Designer

By Gina Mazzone 

When planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel choosing the right professional to work with is the most important decision you will make. Kitchens and bathroom are different from the rest of the house as they are primarily functional workspaces and are difficult and costly to change once a project is completed. Having a skilled designer take you through the process and numerous decisions will ensure your space will be beautiful, work well and be a wise investment. Certified designers specialize in these rooms and have the experience and knowledge necessary to assist you in bringing your ideas and desires to life.

What is a certified designer

NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath) designers must go through a rigorous process to qualify for certification. They must pass an intensive, comprehensive examination and must continually increase their knowledge through continuing education. There are several levels of certification to familiarize yourself with when selecting your designer.

AKBD is an associate kitchen and bath professional that has a minimum of two years experience.

CKBD has a minimum of five years experience. They are highly skilled in design, space planning and product selection as well as meeting extensive educational requirements.

CMKBD is considered a master designer and must possess both the CKD and CBD certification. They must have a minimum of seven years experience beyond the date of their first certification and be nationally recognized through design competitions and printed publications. They must also meet extensive educational requirements.

Selecting the level of certification that is right for you will depend on the scope of your project and the expertise you are wanting.

What to expect when working with an NKBA Certified Designer


Accessing needs and desires: A good designer will take the time to get to know you and your family and lifestyle. Having an understanding of how the space is going to be used is crucial to the initial planning as one family’s priorities can be very different than another. It is important to communicate your ideas, needs and desires to your designer so they can come up with solutions and designs that are best suited for you.


Construction knowledge: NKBA certified designers have comprehensive knowledge in construction, mechanicals, plumbing and electrical systems. A qualified designer will explore the possibilities of relocating walls, windows, doorways, stairways, etc….They will then evaluate not only if this will improve and add value to the design, but also work within the budget.


Planning Guidelines: Certified designers are experts in the NKBA Kitchen Planning Guidelines and Access Standards. These guidelines were designed to ensure that the spaces are functional and safe and create harmony and good traffic flow. They also remain current on building codes, safety and environmental regulations.


Material and Finishes: Kitchen and Bath designers have a wealth of knowledge about the latest products on the market and the finishes that will work best for you. From appliances to cabinetry, lighting and tile their guidance is priceless in the many decisions you will be making.


Design presentation: A skilled designer will have the ability to communicate their ideas to you in the form of floor plans, renderings and perspectives. Whether they be hand drawn or with the use of computer aid, these drawings will help you visualize the spaces and be confident in your planning and decisions.


With all this to offer choosing an NKBA certified designer will assure you a valuable satisfying outcome and bring your dreams to reality!


Summerfy Your Home

June 21st marks the first day of summer, but for most kids summer break is already under way!  Summertime usually brings to mind outdoor activities like pools, parks, bbqs and family vacations, but who says your home can’t feel “Summery” too?  Below find some easy tips on how to “Summerfy” your home!

Cut the Clutter : Declutter your space and add a few accessories with pops of color  – try swapping out or buying some new curtains for a “fresh as a summer breeze” look!

Pots n’ Planters: Liven up a space with succulent plants, such as cacti, in whimsical planters, or keep it simple with fresh cut flowers in a mason jar.

Pillows, pillows, pillows!   Brighten up your sofas, chairs and beds with fresh pillows for a fun, new look!  (Tip: Bright outdoor pillows are also a great way to give new life to old outdoor furniture without breaking the bank!)

Shed some light:  Are your lamps tired looking? Blend way too much into the background?  Get creative and paint the base with some fresh color and replace that shade!  (You’d be surprised at how cool that lamp you inherited from Aunt Edna would look in a shade of Turquoise!)



Hang it up:  Try out an artwork swap!  Switch up your regular artwork for some framed shells (maybe from last year’s summer vacation?), art pieces with some bright colors or summer landscapes.


Window Seats: Add a seating arrangement near windows to allow for summer reading and conversation while staying out of the elements and enjoy the view!

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Get Your Backyard BBQ Ready!

Are you ready to celebrate this Memorial Day with BBQ’s, family and friends?  With the weather starting to warm up, now is the time to start spending quality time outdoors!

Here are a few tips that will help you prepare your backyard for the holiday weekend (and unofficial start to BBQ season!).

Go for the Green – Weeding and fertilizing your lawn will help get it and keep it healthy and green this Memorial Day weekend as well as all Summer long!

Flower Power – Now is the perfect time to add mulch to your flower beds and gardens.  Mulch helps keep moisture in the soil and helps keep those pretty plants hydrated and beautiful!  ***tip  if you don’t have flower beds, planting in containers is a quick way to add color and variety to your outdoor space, even if you don’t have a green thumb.

BBQ Ready – Whether you have a full outdoor kitchen set up or a just a basic BBQ, take some steps to get it ready a few days before your celebration.  Make sure that your appliances are in working order and that your BBQ has enough gas.  Let’s face it: nobody wants to find out they’re out of propane when uncle Joe shows up for your famous burgers!

Raising the Bar – Serve drinks in style with an outdoor bar. It will provide a sturdy surface to prevent spills when serving your guests AND you’ll be less likely to lose the bottle opener if you’ve got a dedicated station for all the beverage necessities.

Take a seat….or not….it’s a BBQ!

While your guests will want to mix and mingle, make sure to have plenty of seating available for your guests; picnic tables and outdoor tables usually do the trick.  If you can, it’s ideal to have some tables covered with outdoor umbrellas or canopies, so people can enjoy the barbecue in the shade.  It’s also a great  idea to have several folding lawn chairs available (or asks guests to BYOC – bring your own chair)  – camp chairs are great for backyard parties!

Set up a stand alone food table near the grill for condiments, plates, napkins, etc. so people can easily walk by and grab what they need.

Light the night – If you know you’re going to be outdoors after the sun goes down on this Memorial Day, consider adding some lighting to your landscape.  This will enhance the overall look of your yard, while proving both ambient and utilitarian lighting for you and your party guests!   (if you don’t have time to put in lighting, consider picking up some garden torches – they’re a quick lighting fix AND double as mosquito repellent if you use Citronella oil!)

Celebrate good times –   That’s it!  With a few tips and tricks, you’re party ready!  Have a safe and fun-filled weekend!

Should I Remodel My Kitchen?

Ask any real estate expert and they will all say the same thing: kitchen remodeling projects are one of the smartest ways to increase your property’s value.  Remodeling your kitchen will not only add value to your home, it will also present you with an opportunity to create a welcoming and functional space – after all, the kitchen is the heart of any home!  Unfortunately, many people don’t know when, why, or how to start a kitchen remodel. In the age of DIY projects and home improvement television shows, there’s no shortage of kitchen ideas and trends, but unless you’re an experienced designer or contractor, you’ll definitely need some guidance and professional help from those in the remodeling industry before you put your time and money into an extensive remodel. Here are some things to consider when going forward with your next kitchen remodel.

Photo & kitchen remodel courtesy of LaMantia Design & Remodeling

Envision It

While this may seem obvious, it’s vital that you create an extensive list of what you want to achieve with your remodeling project. Which appliances need to be replaced or added? Do you want your kitchen to have a sleek modern feel, or would a traditional kitchen fit best with your home and your style? You don’t need to worry about specifics just yet, (such as what finishes you’ll want), but you should have a good idea of what thematic and practical goals you want your kitchen remodel to accomplish.

Do Your Due Diligence

Remodeling your kitchen is a big undertaking that requires an investment of your time, money and patience.  While it may sound boring to spend hours poring over information and doing your research, you’ll become a more knowledgeable homeowner through the process, and your work will result in a much better finished product.  Even though you may find the home remodeling process frustrating at times-  it will be extremely rewarding and satisfying when all is said and done!


Leave It To The Professionals

Leave It To The Professionals: Even if you think you’re the best handyman on the planet, you’re going to need a lot of help with your remodel. Professional design remodelers have the experience, the proven know-how and can help you make the most out of your new kitchen. Anything from planning the space to picking out the right cabinets and finishes are well within the skill set of professional remodeling contractors like us here at LaMantia Design and Remodeling.

Photo & kitchen remodel courtesy of LaMantia Design & Remodeling

Money Smarts

The latest and greatest kitchen trends may be all the rage on Pinterest, but they may not stick around forever, so be smart with your finishes and appliances (do you really need that 2nd wine refrigerator?)  It’s usually a smarter move to bypass super trendy add-ons and put your money towards upgrades like a second sink, higher quality cabinets, and durable, high-quality flooring. While it’s tempting to go cheap on the less exciting items like cabinets and tile, you’ll be regretting the wine fridge when the floor starts to wear and your cabinets fall apart. Your home is one of the biggest investments you can make and the kitchen is one of the most utilized spaces in it, so be kind and it give it the thought and attention it deserves.

Bottom Line

Renovating a kitchen, like any large-scale home improvement project, is a major decision and long term investment.  With some patience and the help of expert design & remodeling contractors, you can add some serious value to your home as well as create the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of – the place that you can call the heart of your home for years to come.


For more information on custom design solutions, follow LaMantia Design & Remodeling on FacebookTwitter and Instagram or feel free to make an appointment with one of our design professionals.  You can also visit our photo gallery for more home remodeling design ideas.

GuildQuality’s 2017 Guildmaster Award Honors LaMantia Design & Remodeling


GuildQuality’s 2017 Guildmaster Award Honors LaMantia Design & Remodeling

Chicago, IL, 2/03/2017 LaMantia Design & Remodeling of Brookfield, IL received a 2017 Guildmaster Award from GuildQuality for demonstrating exceptional customer service within the residential construction industry.

Since 2005, GuildQuality, an Atlanta-based third-party customer satisfaction software surveying company, has powered the Guildmaster Award to recognize and celebrate home building, remodeling, and contracting professionals demonstrating the highest level of customer service within the U.S. and Canada.

Out of 600+ eligible applicants, LaMantia Design & Remodeling is one of 300+ businesses within the residential construction industry recognized by GuildQuality for consistently delivering superior customer care.

In determining which businesses received the 2017 Guildmaster Award, GuildQuality reviewed thousands of survey responses submitted by customers of Guildmaster candidates, and considered two primary metrics for each candidate: the percentage of customers stating they would recommend the business to friend and the percentage of customers who responded.

LaMantia Design & Remodeling achieved a recommendation rate of 90% or above from their customers surveyed by GuildQuality.

About LaMantia Design & Remodeling: LaMantia Design & Remodeling is a full-service design & remodeling company that has been building in Chicagoland and the surrounding communities since 1973.  Founder Tony LaMantia attributes the continuous success of his family owned company to the collaborative efforts and attention to detail shown on each project by his team of award-winning designers, architects, skilled craftsman and in-house team.   Mr. LaMantia has been a guiding force at the helm and continues to do so by combining the integral roles of leader, mentor and colleague to his team members.  Mr. LaMantia has instilled within the company, a pride in workmanship and the drive to exceed client expectations.  Most recently, the LaMantia Design & Remodeling team has announced that they will be moving in March 2017 to a more spacious 13,000 SF showroom in Hinsdale, Illinois in order to better accommodate business growth and future development.

About GuildQuality

Over 2,300 residential construction professionals rely on GuildQuality’s customer satisfaction surveying software to help them deliver exceptional customer service and get the recognition they deserve for their commitment to quality. Join GuildQuality’s community of quality today and see your company through your customers’ eyes. For more information about GuildQuality, visit

For more on the 2017 Guildmaster Award and qualifications, visit


Quality, Honesty, Fairness

Andy LaMantia, Tony LaMantia, and Mike Gacek. PHOTOGRAPHY BY JOEL LERNER/JWC MEDIA
Andy LaMantia, Tony LaMantia, and Mike Gacek. PHOTOGRAPHY BY JOEL LERNER/JWC MEDIA


Article featured in Hinsdale Living Magazine.

It’s a very different world than when Tony LaMantia first opened the doors of LaMantia Design & Remodeling 43 years ago. In this day and age, of Pinterest boards and popular home remodeling shows, clients have a deeper understanding of everything that goes into a remodel, they have a more refined sense of the design that appeals to them, and they have a much higher expectation for quality workmanship. Those heightened stakes have only helped to solidify the stellar reputation of LaMantia Design and Remodeling, since they’ve been operating at the highest level with the best quality materials since they entered the industry in 1973.

“I’d say more than 75 percent of our business is from referrals,” says LaMantia, the founder of the company.

Is there higher praise for the work done by a family business than decades of referrals in a competitive marketplace? Their A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website speaks to that same devotion to quality, as does hearing from just one of their many happy clients:

“We are in love with our new kitchen!” says a letter from past clients Kim and Steve Dlugo. “It could not be any more perfect. From the design to the materials to the ease of construction, it is easy to look at our kitchen with great appreciation to the entire LaMantia organization. Everyone was so patient with us and our millions of questions. Their patience helped us alleviate any nervous feelings we had. We always felt comfortable and well informed. The team truly cared about the project as much as we did and it shows in the final product. We miss you guys.”

The LaMantia award-winning design team is made up of licensed architects, degreed interior designers, accredited kitchen and bath designers, and many dedicated, considerate tradesmen.

“Every phase of a project is handled by our team,” says LaMantia. “You don’t have to juggle various aspects of the job because we’ll assign a design team and a project manager for you. They’ll work side by side with you throughout the design layout and material selection processes and will stay with you until the project is complete. Your project manager will keep you abreast of all the details along the way.”

The process of working with LaMantia Design & Remodeling is easy and has been refined by decades of interaction with satisfied customers. First, clients meet with a design consultant for a free consultation to discuss the project, the desired budget, and the time frame. The client’s ideas are turned into sketches, interior and exterior renderings, and floor plans before they visit LaMantia’s 8,000-square-foot showroom to shop for materials that perfectly fit their concept. Financial options are considered, and LaMantia has relationships with several banks in the area offering the lowest interest rates. After the client approves the blueprints and LaMantia takes care of all the necessary permits, a construction superintendent arranges the ordering and scheduling and the project begins. Clients are kept in the loop throughout the entire process up through the inspections, cleaning, and walkthrough. Every job comes with a full five-year guarantee.

“Our success has been built on quality workmanship, excellent service, great employees, and treating our customers with honesty and fairness,” LaMantia says.

LaMantia Design and Remodeling is currently located at 9100 Ogden Avenue in Brookfield, 708-387-9900, as of January 1, 2017, their new showroom will be located at 20 E. Ogden in Hinsdale, 630-663-9900,

Coffered Ceiling Sets the Stage

The project began as a Master Bathroom renovation. As the bathroom design and material selection moved along, the very satisfied clients, decided to have the award-winning LaMantia team move into “kitchen mode”.

Although the working triangle of the kitchen was locked into place, the visual renewal has been tremendous. While perusing Prazaks’  portfolio, the client’s admired a coffered ceiling from a previous project and with this direction the new design began to take shape.

To accept the planned Family Room Coffers, Prazak slid a wall into place between the two rooms; this wall not only offered the necessary capture for the ceiling structure but was also  dressed with an expansive arched and elaborately moulded opening, adding yet another detail to the design of the entire space.

With the backdrop of the space designed, the kitchen details of creamy painted cabinets, 2” thick Iceberg quartzite counters, glassed splash tiles, specialty wired cabinet glass and over sized carpenter milled wood hood corbels set the stage for this fabulous finish.

With this marvelous finished product, it’s evident that  LaMantia not only creates a beautiful kitchen, but we take the design to the next level. Most contractors are capable of replacing your cabinets and countertops, but with designs of this quality, it’s clear the LaMantia designers will take your project far past the ordinary and create a completely new experience within your home.

About The Designers


Jackie Prazak

Years with LaMantia: 18
Years in the Industry: 23

Jackie Prazak has been working in interior architecture for twenty-two years. She earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Northern Illinois University in Dekalb. Jackie enjoys guiding customers through the materials selection process, always aiming for beautiful and functional spaces for homes. While she enjoys this process, her main goal is to build trusting relationships with clients to ensure they have a pleasant experience with LaMantia.


Shower Re-Location Proves to be the Winner

Surprising how quickly this happens, but this stunning 15 year old Hinsdale home was ready for some new looks. Enter LaMantia’s award winning designer, Jackie Prazak and, as it always does, the beauty followed her in the door.

There had been others presenting ideas for change, but when Prazak shared her possibility of the new walk-in shower location, the clients knew they had found both the contractor and the designers they wanted to proceed with.

Prazak felt relocating the shower location would capitalize on both the entry view and the angles of the volume ceiling. With her presentation, Prazak was able to “virtually” take the clients to the bathroom, position them outside the glassed entry doors, and display the view of the new shower.

Prazak’s  plan for the new bathroom layout also included removing the visual weight of the large drop-in tub and re-inventing the linen closet to appear as a tall furniture chest nestled into the original closet space. The soft white/soft grey combination of tiles and paint colors played off each other perfectly when mated with the rich darkness of the chosen woods and finishes.

With the new bathroom layout and material selections finalized, the client’s decided to move this winning team directly into the kitchen! Kitchen story to follow soon…

About The Designers


Jackie Prazak

Years with LaMantia: 18
Years in the Industry: 23

Jackie Prazak has been working in interior architecture for twenty-two years. She earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Northern Illinois University in Dekalb. Jackie enjoys guiding customers through the materials selection process, always aiming for beautiful and functional spaces for homes. While she enjoys this process, her main goal is to build trusting relationships with clients to ensure they have a pleasant experience with LaMantia.


LaMantia Design & Construction Wins 2016 Nari Contractor of the Year Award

LaMantia Chicago Project Wins Second Award

LaMantia Design & Construction, Inc. has been named 2016 Contractor of the Year Regional Winner for Residential Addition Under $100,000. This news arrives just days after Nari of Greater Chicagoland bestowed a similar honor on the same project. By enclosing an existing open front porch on this Chicago home, LaMantia architect, Gail Lowry provided the clients with the Foyer they so desired. The need for the Foyer may have been the driving force that brought the clients to LaMantia, but the architectural details that were employed to dress the recreated façade were the icing on the cake!

See more of this project here!

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